that’s amore 🦑

edible flowers for @taste w/ @alexcitrin 🥀😎

Andrea, 2018

for @real_simple 🍒 / styled by @gatton_michelle / props @jenny.wichman / photo director @muzamagha


chef eric

Troll Tulips, 2018


live from new york

@diningwithflynn for @newyorkermag


Heidi’s bag, 2018

Heidi’s shoes, 2018

lunch special

Heidi, 2018

@gem.nyc for @newyorkermag

Flynn McGarry for this week’s issue of @newyorkermag - out today! thanks as always @theatraff

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free pizza!

money, power and romance are waiting for us all


woof 🐾




spring who? 😛❄️


this dutch oven is on 🔥 / for @bloombergpursuits / thx @leonorjr

Heidi, 2018

🌫 soft scents 🌫 for @nytimes / out today / thx @christyyyyk


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when you’re wet you’re wet

Heidi, 2018

Heidi, 2018


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Ellsworth Jelly! 🔴🔵

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starch + cream = #comfort 😊 shot for @taste 💫 s/o @alexcitrin 💛☀️⭐️ #yellowfriday

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wing day

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annual punxsy day 🌹


@memesdiner for @newyorkermag - out in next week’s issue. thanks @theatraff ✨ s/o @tobe__bryant for the sick pour 🤠🥛🍳

smells good, guys!


best uber EVER (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)


Kyle, 2017

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“Miles for Mary” performed by The Mad Ones for @newyorkermag - out now! thx @siobhanbohnacker 🎾💚

a little drama never hurt anyone

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#CarolBove @davidzwirner #DZ25years

another one for this week’s @newyorkermag


Sanford Biggers for @newyorkermag

Sanford Biggers for @newyorkermag

Sanford Biggers in his studio - for this week’s @newyorkermag. One of my favorite shoots of 2017. 🤗 thank you @theatraff !!


times square bomb cyclone

2017 #tbt to a warmer day 🍌🔥

that dog was pretty good

that’s right baby